Marcelo Palacios

marcelo photo Marcelo Palacios was born in 1953 in Santiago Chile and had a good childhood and adventure filled adolescence. When he was 18 his family migrated to Sydney, Australia where they spent several years working and exploring this wonderful country, often on a bicycle.

Over time he became interested in photography and moved to Perth to study at Mt Lawley Technical College. Not long after he had the fortune to meet his now-wife Jocelyn, together they have raised 3 wonderful children.

Over the last 25 years, Marcelo’s job as a photographer at Community newspapers gave the opportunity to connect with and feel part of this society.

Reason for Riding

“Abuse within a home is not acceptable. This is a problem of large magnitude with serious ramifications. Victims and perpetrators should seek help, governments and agencies must have the resources to provide this help.  Too often children of all ages have to take the brunt of it and this creates further problems such as homelessness and self harm. We must work together to break the cycle.”