Riders 2020

To help support victims of domestic violence, a team of cyclists will be making the 250 km journey from Busselton to Perth to raise community awareness of the issue and funds for the victims.

*This page is currently under construction – Watch this space!*


Reg Howard-Smith
Team Captain

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Tony Buti

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Sara Saberi

Darren Wright

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Ian McCabe

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Steve Catania
Team Captain


Master Builders WA

Robert Shaw
Team Captain

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John Galavis

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Ray Kershaw

David Crothers

Unions WA

Meredith Hammat
Team Captain

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Ben Harris

Gareth Thomas

Kevin Sneddon

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Circle of Friends

Claire Paddison
Team Captain

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Cate Wray

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Zoe Thiele

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Tze Quen Chung

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Circle of Friends

Michelle Coehlo
Team Captain

Liz Sheehan

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Sarah Collins

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Jude Wenban

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Chris Tallentire
Team Captain

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Tom Bottell
Team Captain

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Robert Cunningham
Team Captain